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30 ml Vitamin C Facial Serum - Brighter skin

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Type: Vitamin C Serum / Vitamin E Serum /Retinol Serum
Gender: Unisex
Skin Type: All skin types
Features: Anti aging,freckle removal,moisturizing,brightening
NET WT: 30ml
Ingredient: Vitamin C, Vitamin E,Hyaluronic Acid

Vitamin C Features:

* 100% brand new high quality!
* Rich in VC serum, it can add nutrition to the skin and promote cell metabolism, anti aging.
* Contains natural moisturizing molecule - hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid moisturizes skin, revitalizes skin's health and vitality, leaving your skin supple, tender and smooth.
* Snail secretion filtrates and sodium hyaluronate are added so as to rejuvenate, effectively prevent skin aging, and can eliminate spots, scars.
* Produces reaction between high concentration of VC extract and melanin, minimizes the melanin to light pigment, effectively dilute the stain, dull spots.
* Freckles removal, brightens skin tone, whitens skin, Thoroughly improves skin repairing ability to prevent the reappearance of stubborn freckles.
* Repair skin from sunburn and other problems, such as peeling, caused by a long-term improper treatment.

Vitamin E Features:

* 100% brand new high quality!
The side chain of vitamin E directly participates in the redox process of sulfhydryl groups, thereby inhibiting tyrosinase activity and reducing the formation of melanin.
Vitamin E can inhibit lipid peroxidation, maintain contact between tissues, and make skin smooth and elastic.
*Lock water
Since vitamin E can protect cell membranes from oxidative damage caused by free radicals, it can help repair and consolidate the skin's natural protective barrier, lock the moisture in the skin, and provide deep nourishment from the inside out.
*Promote absorption
Vitamin E can also promote the absorption of vitamin C and A, and help cells better absorb the nutrients of external skin care products, doubling the beauty effect.


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