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Korean Protein Thread Anti-aging Facial Essence Collagen

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Product description

--Name: Reverse Time-Elastic Gold Protein Peptide Kit
--Specifications: 15ml*5 bottles + 20 pcs*2 bottles
--Shelf life: three years
--Ingredients: Protein Peptide
--How to use:
1. After cleansing, apply the golden liquid evenly on the face
2. Apply the protein line to the cheeks and forehead along the skin texture
3. Apply the golden liquid to the protein line and gently massage until absorbed.

Contains plant extracts to replenish nutrients and moisture to the skin.
It relieves dry skin and diminishes fine lines.
Insist on using to firm skin to regain radiance.
Tightening skin lines, leaving skin smooth and firm.
Long term use can brightening skin tone and anti-aging, remove wrinkles.


1. Use the golden protein thread once a week.
2. Use a whole piece of gold solution for the first operation, and divide the remaining into two pieces. Spray it on your face every morning and evening.
3. It is recommended to use up a set within 10 days.

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